Photo by R. Burrell

Photo by R. Burrell

Claire Bowman is a painter living in El Cerrito, California, native to Davenport, Iowa. Art, for Claire, has a grounding effect. For her, painting is the antidote to her transience and digital obsession. In her figurative works, she distills deeply subjective impressions of human experience and interactions. And these interactions become increasingly precious as we tend more and more to lose ourselves in our digital devices. Her landscapes evoke a similar questionable imbalance between man made structures, technologies and the natural world.

The compulsion to roam fused with the urge to preserve significant moments was born out of an uprootedness that has impacted much of Claire’s adult life. She and her twin sister, Sarah, form the acclaimed music duo, The Bowmans, which, over a period of several years, toured continuously throughout the U.S. and Europe. During this nomadic period, Claire resided in multiple locations, notably New York, NY; Bern, Switzerland; and briefly in Los Angeles, CA. Before that, she called Pittsburgh, PA, and subsequently Baltimore, MD, her home while earning degrees in philosophy and psychology. Through that kind of transitory existence, it became apparent which moments ended up being most impactful. And as online experience continues to eclipse that of the material, these moments seem even more invaluable.

Claire has exhibited in group shows in New York City (2012), Richmond, CA (2017), Berkeley and Santa Ana, CA (2018) and held a small solo exhibition in Hergiswil, and again in Stans, Switzerland (following an artist residency at Universe 9 in Hergiswil) in January, 2019 and a larger solo exhibit of illustrations in Stans, Switzerland in 2014. She will also be exhibiting works in Berkeley, CA and Lisbon, Portugal in 2019. Her work has also appeared in various print and online publications in Europe and the U.S. In 2013, Claire authored and illustrated the acclaimed children’s story, “Mert, the Anxious Evergreen.”

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